Over the years, the factory and the Nath titanates Institute of Organic Chemistry, indian west zone ,production and marketing of titanium iso propoxide 300 tons / year, is tetrabutyltitanate 200 tons / year, titanium coupling agent 200 tons / year, titanate  crosslinkers 100 tons / year, and other products, quality in line with international requirements, domestic products Company all over the world, join hands in creating a better future! Nath titanates  was established in November 18, 2011, the predecessor of Nath titanates  Plant, Institute of Organic Chemistry Organic titanium products, is a collection of scientific research, production, operating as one of the larger organic titanium products manufacturer, factory covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, fixed the number of workers 25 people, including five engineers, technical personnel 6 people.


  • As a cross linking agent to improve the mechanical properties Wire Enamels

  • Catalyst for esterification, transesterification & polymerization reaction.
  • Adhesion promoter for PRINTING INKS and various coatings.
  • Reduce fragility of glass & improve scratch resistance.
  • Used in plasticizers as a catalyst.


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